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Indie Producer 60k says - I love what I do and I do it everyday. Support indie music. If you like something please buy it. 

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 Music has been a big part of my life since I was around 5 when my father introduced the guitar to me. I didn't really get it. But later when I was a teenager I found thaT I WANTED to buy a guitar and

I did with money that I earned. Getting it home for the first time, plugging it in and turning on the amp, I played for like three hour straight and it sounded terrible.

I became so frustrated that I made up my mind that I had to master it. Well, I still havn't and probably never will. But I have learned alot and had a lot of fun learning.

Through reading books, jamming with friends and practicing various instruments on my own, I developed a passion for creating music. I developed an original style of playing guitar and produce music covering a wide range of genre. I have been in a few bands over the years and in different capacities. I used to do alot of open mic's around the city.

 I really enjoy writing and the creative process and the feeling I get from creating something new. Well, anyway, Its fun to share my music with my friends and others and I enjoy the feedback. My attitude is that I am makeing this music and if people listened to the dang thing, then they are going to have a reaction based on who they are and where they are in their life. However they receive my material is fine with me. I enjoy learning something new and making new friends.

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