Papa Charlie Productions

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Charlie of Papa Charlie Productions. Let me give you a brief background on who I am and what it is I do. I own an indi recording studio and music production company located in Houston Texas. I have been producing music for nearly 17 years now. My first instrument to attempt to learn was the guitar. I grew up on listening my dad play his guitar and I would try it from time to time but I really didn’t grasp it until my late teens. I would hardly even say that I have mastered it even now as there is always something more to learn. I bought my first guitar with money I earned when I was 19 living in Florida out in the sticks about 40 miles west of Orlando. Wasn’t really much to do there, but I I could tell you some stories about some great times there. I remember getting that thing home and getting so frustrated when I couldn’t make it sound like I wanted it to. I still don’t know why I stuck with it but I am glad I did. After some time I became somewhat of an accomplished player and I dared to venture out into the world with my ax and chop some licks down for some folks. Wow, I still remember the feeling I got just tring this thing in public for the first time. Well. all that was long ago and now I’m a little older and still have a passion for making music. I have had a few bands over the years and some that actually made it out of the garage. I decided it was easier and that I had more control when I was alone in my studio so thats where I have been, aside from the occasional venture out, for the past several years. Hence, I really just got into everything to do with producing quality recorded music. Recently, I have been into producing loop tracks and samples and I have found it very rewarding. I borrowed a Boss DR-5 from a friend of mine at BGOOD PRODUCTIONS (they are a video production company) and I am finding that even though its old technology, I really like it alot! Its kinda funky ya know! I enjoy new things and it gives me a break from the normal gear and I get a whole new perspective on things this way. I am currently working with a friend of mine named Alton who goes by the name A.T. a.k.a. Jubelee. He is a very talented young man with a passion for music and an amazing rap style that I wouldn’t compare to anyone. He is proffesional and a pleasure to work with in the studio. Just an easy going light hearted fellow. So his album is ready (but we arnt releasing it yet) but you can get at our music store . So go check it out. Hey, I have to go for now, but I will continue this soon…straight from the street.

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