Making beats

Making beats can be fun. When making beats, I usually try to get that infectious rhythm going in my head and I move to it and the try to transfer that energy to the instrument I am using at the time. I make beats using drum machines, samplers, keyboards and more. I create entirely original rhythm tracks using other instruments along with the beats I create and never use prefabricated or preset beats or patterns. I feel like it is ok to use canned beats for a “click track” to get the feeling going but you should go back and put some original drums in place otherwise its going to sound like you used a canned beat and not original music. It really easy to make beats and there are lots of products you can get for a bit of cash. There are also lots of free software for making beats available online. The freeware and shareware products out there are pretty good for making beats when you can’t really afford to go out and buy the really nice electronic gadgets that you really want. But, you can always hit the pawnshop or music stores for used equipment. I still use a drum machine that I paid 120 bucks for at a pawn shop to make beats. There is a lot of good technology out there for cheap if you shop around. Old technology is ok to use and it won’t necessarily make your beats sound dated. I mean, an 808 is an 808 and lots of old drum machine have it and it is still used in making beats today. will soon have free quality beats for you to download.

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